If loving me is work, i'm not a job to take


Blue October’s new music video for Sway!


I feel like every week I’m just like “I need to get through this week.”






40 year old woman, born deaf, hears for the first time

this is wild

im just imagining her listening to music for the first time and oh my god

someone give this woman a fucking HUG already!!!

I was crying with her

for the record, i managed to pull off a B+ for my online english class.

so there’s a little win for the week.


New theory I’m working on.


New theory I’m working on.

You punish yourself for being yourself.
My counsellor. (via onceadoring)

remember that i love you

Tupac died at 25. If Malcolm X died at 25 he would have been a street hustler named Detroit Red. If Martin Luther King died at 25 he would’ve been known as a local baptist preacher. And if I had died at 25 I would’ve been known as a struggling musician. Only a sliver of my life’s potential.

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this is important

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I am the only one who does this orr…